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 BBB Mediation Mission Statement

To provide unbiased and judicious dispute resolution services in accordance with the State of California Superior Courts, while empowering and encouraging the community in gaining court access through mediation services. 

Every year, BBB Mediation Services helps thousands of people resolve tough problems without going to court—or giving in.

BBB Mediation staff and volunteers are trained to help people resolve problems and settle disputes in several ways.

Many conflicts arise because people aren’t communicating at all. Our mediators spend a lot of time coaching people on how to negotiate effectively on their own, because that’s by far the best way to deal with problems. A little advice and encouragement from a dispute resolution specialist may be all it takes.

If it’s too late for that, a member of our staff can often conciliate a settlement with a couple of letters or phone calls.


BBB Mediation Services serves Inyo, Fresno, Madera, Marisposa, Mono, Kings, Kern, Tulare, Riverside, San Bernardino, Solano counties. There is no cost for small claims, evictions, civil harrasments or other civil cases that meet our selection criteria.




Community mediations where at least one party is residing in Fresno, Tulare or Kern County. No fee
Community mediations where parties DO NOT reside in Fresno, Tulare or Kern County.*
$100 for first 3 hours.
Add'tl Hours $100/Hour
Parties split fee 
Limited Civil Cases*

$200 for first 3 hours. 

Addt'l hours $200/Hour
Parties split fees
Unlimited Civil Cases*
$300 for first 3 hours.
Add'tl hours $300/Hour.
Parties split fees
Family Law Fees range from $40 to $150, based on individual annual income, per 90 minute session, Mediator can provide more detail

*Special Fee arrangements may be available based on a case type, income or financial need. For more information, please contact the mediation department at 559.256.6300.

 *Fees must be paid prior to the date and time of the mediation.

*Cashier's Checks, Credit Cards and money orders accepted. Checks or money orders can be made payable to: Better Business Bureau.

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